ICJS Event: Skipp Orr on "How Obama won the election"

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
7:00 p.m. (talk starts at 7:30 p.m.)
TUJ Azabu Hall 213 (Access)
Skipp Orr
Open to general public. You can purchase a bento and drinks at the convenience store next to the university.
Registration closed

About the Event

Skipp Orr will give us his perspective on how Barack Obama managed to win the presidential election. He advised the Obama campaign and participated in fund raising since the very beginning of President-elect Obama's run for the presidency in February 2007.

About Skipp Orr

Skipp is Chairman of the Panasonic Foundation, succeeding former Vice President and ambassador to Japan Walter Mondale. He is one of the most experienced observers of the Japanese political economy. Having worked in Washington on Capitol Hill and USAID, he obtained his Ph. D. in politics at the University of Tokyo, taught at Temple University and served as director of the Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies and the Stanford Center for Technology and Innovation. He then became Vice President of Government Relations at Motorola Japan. Following two years with Motorola Brussels, he returned to Japan as President of Boeing Japan, from which he retired in 2007. He holds degrees from Florida Atlantic University, Georgetown, and Tokyo University.

About ICJS
The Institute of Contemporary Japanese Studies (ICJS) is an organization dedicated to fostering study and research on various topics related to contemporary Japan and Asia.