Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes happen frequently in Japan, and can happen at any time and place. To minimize danger to your health and well-being, be prepared mentally and materially before they occur. In addition, all international students are encouraged to register their name, address and passport number at their embassy or consulate as a preventive measure in the event of an evacuation or disaster. Consult embassy or consulate websites for details.

Everyday Measures

Example of Items in an Emergency Bag

  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • drinking water and food
  • money (including 10 yen coins for public pay phones)
  • copies of identification materials such as passports, bankbooks, etc. and other valuables
  • matches, lighter and candles
  • a first aid kit (including personal medication)
  • helmet or other protective headgear
  • cotton work gloves, socks and underwear
  • heat-insulating and waterproof blankets
  • rope