Last update: July 2021

About the Program

May I transfer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to other university programs?

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned at the end of the semester, are not transferable as university credits. They may, however, be included in resumes and academic applications as evidence of knowledge and training acquired for personal or professional development.

CEUs are also professionally recognized by many corporations as value added to a prospective employee's qualifications. In fact, it is not uncommon for companies to send their staff for training in Continuing Education programs and will offer financial support for such purposes as well.

What is the duration of the courses?

Courses run for 10 weeks unless specified. Please refer to our Course Schedules for more information. We also offer a variety of seminars and workshops which run for one to two days.

Are TUJ Continuing Education programs conducted in places other than Tokyo?

Courses in the Continuing Education program are conducted only in Tokyo. Some students, however, travel a distance to attend our courses conducted on Saturdays. If attending a course is inconvenient, we recommend our seminars and workshops which run for a day or two.

May I use the library or other facilities if I become a Continuing Education student?

During the semester, students have limited access to TUJ facilities. Please refer to the Benefits to Students page.

Is there a place where I can use a computer in TUJ?

Students may use the computer lab (5th Floor) during the semester. Please refer to the Benefits to Students page for more information. The library also has internet access available for students.

After I pay my tuition fees, is there anything I need to do before attending the first class?

When we confirm receipt of your payment, we will inform you by e-mail. Please purchase your textbooks after you receive the course confirmation approximately one week before classes start.

What are your office hours?

Please see here for the office hours, as well as our contact information.

I have not received a reply for my inquiry.

The office replies to e-mail on first come first served basis. Please resend your inquiry if you have not received a reply in two business days.

Can I cancel my registration?

All course requests for cancellations must be in writing (E-mail or Fax) and must be submitted before the designated date on the calendar for each semester. Please refer to the Program Policies page for further information.

Can I change a course that I registered for?

All course change requests must be in writing (E-mail or Fax) and must be submitted before the second class meeting. Please refer to the Program Policies page for further information.

Is there a place for me to study while waiting for the next class?

As a Continuing Education student, you can take advantage of the facilities and resources of Temple University, Japan Campus.

  • Study Room
  • Teaching & Learning Center
  • Library*
  • Computer Labs*

* Please contact the Continuing Education office for further information.

Would it be possible to visit the office for more information?

The Continuing Education program office offers private counseling at any time. Students may consult with our staff to choose a course, view textbooks, and tour the campus. Please contact us before you make your visit.

Can I get a full refund?

No refunds are given to cancellations after the course start date. For exceptions, please refer to the Program Policies page.

Where do I get my student ID?

The Continuing Education office (6th Floor) will issue your student ID. Please bring a 4 x 3 cm photo and stop by the office after the semester has started.

About Registration

Can I sit-in or audit a class?

We regret that the program strictly prohibits students to sit-in or audit a class. For questions concerning course content or questions to instructors, please contact the Continuing Education office.

Could you send me information about the Continuing Education program?

You may request information and course schedules by using the Brochure and Schedule Request form online. You may also call the office (03-5441-9864) to request for an information brochure.

Is there an open house?

Before the beginning of each semester, the office in Tokyo holds a program information session. For more information, please see the Information Session page. You may sign up online, by e-mail, or by telephone. You may always contact us if you have any questions.

When does the next semester start?

Please refer to our calendar.

Do I need to submit records of my TOEFL or TOEIC score?

There is no need to submit records of standardized English proficiency tests. Please refer to the English Proficiency Level Chart page. You must be comfortable in the Advanced level to take courses in the Professional Development and Training category.

For English proficiency levels in other categories, please refer to course descriptions by clicking on the course you want to take listed under the Courses section.

I have never taken any standardized English proficiency tests. How can I know the right proficiency level for me?

Before the start of each semester, the Continuing Education program conducts English-Placement tests. Test results and student advising follow right after the test. You will also have a chance to review textbooks related to the class you want to take. For more information, please see the English-Placement Test page.

What is the duration of the semester?

The courses run for 10 weeks, unless specified. The Continuing Education program runs on a trimester schedule with each semester beginning in:

  • January (Spring Semester),
  • May (Summer Semester), and
  • September (Fall Semester).

Please refer to our calendar for a more detailed schedule.

What are the starting and ending dates for a specific course?

The first class date differs depending on the day the class is held. The start date is specified on each course detail page in the Courses section. The courses run for 10 weeks unless specified.

How can I register for a course?

Browse the online catalog of courses and workshops. Add courses you want to take to your cart. Follow the steps to submit your registration. Please refer to the Application Procedures for more details.

I sent the application form. When should I pay the fees?

Once you have submitted your application, the office will send an Application Acknowledgement and Invoice (AAI) form by e-mail. Upon receipt of the form, please check the registration details for accuracy and remit tuition fees by the specified due date.

How can I pay my tuition fees?

Please pay by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or by bank transfer after you receive the Application Acknowledgment and Invoice (AAI) form from the office. Please follow the instruction on the AAI form.

Although I have remitted my tuition fees, I have not received any confirmation from the office.

You will receive a notice by e-mail once the office has confirmed your tuition payments. If you have not heard from us within three (3) business days after remitting the fees, please contact us. Please also check your junk or spam folder if the message is not received in your inbox.

What kind of discount opportunities are available?

The Continuing Education program offers various discount opportunities such as: the Early Bird Discount, Friend of TUJ Discount, Temple University Student, Alumni and Parent Discount, and Refer-A-Friend Campaign. For more information, please see the Tuition Discount Opportunities page.

I was referred to your program by a friend. Do I qualify for a discount?

Please refer to the Refer-A-Friend Campaign page for more information. In addition, the "Friend of TUJ" discount refers to employees of corporations and organizations that are registered with us. Please refer to the Friend of TUJ Discount Program page for more information.

Are there any fees besides tuition?

There is a one-time entrance fee of 10,980 yen (tax included) for students taking our courses for the first time. Textbook and learning material cost differs in each course and usually range from 2,000 to 8,000 yen. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees page for more information.

Is visa support available for overseas students studying at the program?

Visa support is not available for overseas students seeking enrollment in the Continuing Education program. Students must possess a valid visa to stay in Japan for the duration of their classes.

About the Courses and Attendance

What are the class sizes?

Class sizes are usually around 20 students. Participants in writing courses are limited to 12 for optimal guidance.

Are there any make-up sessions if I miss a class?

There are no make-up sessions. Students can contact the instructor directly by e-mail regarding the missed course work and assignments for the next class.

Are there any tests to pass the course?

To obtain a passing grade, students are required 70% attendance and 70% satisfactory course work. Each instructor will explain the details of what is required for the course work on the first day of class.

Are the assignments time-consuming?

Assignments vary according to the nature of the class. Some courses may give assigned readings while other courses require presentations or mini-projects. Most instructors, however, take into consideration that many students attend courses while juggling family and work commitments. However, please note that assignments exist for the benefit of the learner, and that students are expected to be responsible for their learning.

When and where can I purchase the textbook?

Please purchase your textbooks after you receive the course confirmation approximately one week before classes start. For most courses, students are responsible to buy their own textbooks. Students should communicate with them directly for returns, exchanges, or refunds.

May I see the instructor's bio?

Please refer to the description of each course through Course Schedules.

Which classroom should I go to?

You will receive the information by email approximately one week before classes start.

There are too many courses to choose from. Which one should I choose?

The first step would be to focus on your goals and decide whether you would like to improve your language abilities or acquire new knowledge and skills to advance your career. It will then be easier for the Continuing Education staff to advise you on a course suitable to your needs and objectives. The Continuing Education office offers private counseling at any time. Students may consult with our staff regarding course selection, textbook inspections, or campus tours.

I would like to contact the instructor directly.

Please send inquiries to the instructor directly by e-mail in English.

Are most of the students Japanese in the language programs?

The English language programs tend to have more Japanese students compared to the class in the Professinal Development and Training category. However, students from other nationalities whose first language is not English are also enrolled in the course. The course is conducted all in English.

Are the language programs taught by native speakers?

In the English language program, some courses are taught by native-speakers and some by non-native instructors. All language program instructors have completed a Masters or a Doctorate in Education and specialize in the field they teach. The General English Courses, especially, receive favorable comments from Japanese students that "The class hits the nail on the head."

Are the Focus on Specific Language Skills Programs only for those thinking about studying abroad?

The Focus on Specific Language Skills Programs are designed for those interested in improving weaknesses in certain areas such as reading, listening, speaking, or writing. The speaking course also helps develop skills that come in handy in business scenes.

How do I know if my English proficiency level is appropriate for the courses?

Please refer to the English Proficiency Level Chart.

Are classes held on holidays?

Unless special instructions are given by the course instructor, no class is held on Japanese National holidays. Please refer to the Calendar concerning National Japanese holidays for each semester.

May I join a course after it has started?

You may. Applications are still accepted until the second week of classes. Please send in an Application Form. If you would like to join from the third week, please consult with the Continuing Education office. Registrations from this point are subject to instructor's approval. Please note that students must pay full tuition even if they join after the first day of class.

Do I need to inform the office if I will be absent from classes?

You are not required to contact the office in the event of missing classes.

Can I receive information on handouts or topics for courses I missed?

Please discuss all absences with your instructor. Students can contact the instructor by e-mail directly in regards to materials/topics missed. Please be aware that it can take time for our instructors to respond to such requests due to their own busy working schedules.

What are MindEdge online courses?

TUJ Continuing Education partners with MindEdge Learning to offer quality on-demand online professional and career development programs. MindEdge is a leading US provider of online professional development, and their courses are concise, affordable, self-paced online, and designed to help you enhance your credentials, earn professional credits, or explore an area of career interest while balancing the demands of your busy life. Developed by business school professors, industry professionals and subject matter experts, all courses are designed to enhance skills in their fields. Please note that technical and learning support for MindEdge courses is provided directly by MindEdge, not TUJ. Online courses offered by our partners are not eligible for TUJ discounts (i.e. early bird, Friend of TUJ, or alumni). For information on MindEdge courses, please refer to: https://catalog.mindedge.com/tujconted/faqs

About the Certificate Programs

What do I need to do to earn a certificate?

Please refer to the Procedures — How to Earn a Certificate.

How long does it take to complete a certificate?

Most students usually complete the certificate program in 2 to 3 semesters. To earn a certificate, you are encouraged to pass the designated core courses and electives for that specific certificate program within a two year time period.

How much does it cost to earn a certificate?

The total amount will differ depending on the certificate program selected. Tuition for each course maybe viewed in our Course Schedules.

I have not received my certificate even after completing all the designated courses.

The certificates are not automatically issued. After you have completed the core courses and electives, please send the online Certificate Request Form to the Continuing Education office.

What are CEUs?

CEUs stand for "Continuing Education Units". One CEU is the equivalent of 10 contact hours.

How many CEUs do I need to complete a certificate?

The total amount will differ depending on the certificate program selected. Information regarding the number of CEUs required to complete a certificate may be found below each certificate program description. Please note that workshop CEUs may also be counted towards certificates. A combination of two or three workshops (from a specific elective list in a certificate category) totaling at least 18 hours or 1.8 CEUs plus a special assignment (equivalent to 0.2 CEUs) may also be counted as one elective. Contact the office for further details.