How to Teach Writing Online (One-day Workshop) (TEJL-9-SU)

Sunday 10:00-16:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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This workshop will introduce steps involved in planning an on-line writing course. There will be a discussion about the basic skills that should be covered in an introductory writing class. The workshop will also include examples illustrating the best way to deliver the content to students through the internet. The writing skills covered will consist of: compare/contrast, cause/effect and an argument essay. These are the styles commonly introduced to intermediate writing students.
Participants will engage in brief discussions on how to plan a content-based course with the use of outside materials versus those introduced in a textbook. Which style makes for better comprehension in an on-line setting? How do we make these materials accessible to students through on-line activities? Assessment and the use of discussion boards will also be part of the workshop.
There will be handouts illustrating how to convert complex material into smaller sections to demonstrate the different styles of writing. Finally there will be a brief discussion on how to pull it all together through the use of some basic software programs such as PowerPoint and Keynote. Additionally, there will be a brief workshop on how to use some basic techniques when using Keynote and PowerPoint to design more engaging on-line materials. We will also cover the use of split screen video and transitions.

Special Note:

This workshop is applicable towards the Certificate in Teaching English to Japanese Learners.

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