Introduction to Cyber Security (One-day Workshop)(Online)(ICS101-SP)

Saturday 10:00-16:30
Terumi Laskowsky
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The recent news are full of data breaches and attacks, committed by various threats ranging from international criminal organizations to activists, targeting corporations, governments, and individuals alike. The consequences are ranging from loss of privacy, loss of business, to loss of national security, with globally cascading impact. In this one-day seminar, the participants will be introduced to the definition of cyber security, how it is related to information security; fundamental concepts of cyber security; how countries and business combat cyber security risks, both offensively and defensively; and decompose recent examples of cyber security incidents and discuss how to reduce such risks. As a result of this workshop, the participants will have a set of concepts to understand the risk of cyber security and how to control it in their organization.


Terumi Laskowsky

Terumi is an IT and global business consultant with customers both in Japan and in the US. Her workshops at TUJ include Business Communications, Speak with Confidence, Assertiveness, Information Security and others. She has a BSE in Computer Science from Arizona State University and MBA/MA in International Management from the Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania. She has served in the US Army as a Military Police Officer, a Navy liaison officer for the Mutual Defense Assistance Office in the US Embassy in Japan, and head of consulting businesses at Symantec and RSA in Japan. Her advocation is dog training and handmade soap. Her current professional interest is in Blockchain security.

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