English for Medical Professionals (One-day Workshop) (EMP101-SP)

Saturday 10:00-16:30
Daniel Kambey
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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This one-day workshop, designed in partnership with Creek and River's Language Department, provides medical professionals an opportunity to learn and practice common and important phrases and terminology when working with English speaking patients. As increasing numbers of non-Japanese speakers visit and settle in Japan, it is more important than ever for medical professionals to have basic communicative ability in English to both understand patient needs and advise them appropriately. Throughout the course of the day, participants will work through the important elements of understanding a patient's chief complaints and medical history, performing an examination, and explaining the diagnosis to patients. This workshop is primarily for practitioners, but could also be suitable for nurses, pharmacists, health technicians, and hospital administration personnel. Through various scenarios and simulations, participants will be able to increase their ability and confidence when working with international patients.


Daniel Kambey

Daniel is a doctor by training who works as a health education consultant. He studied in Indonesia and Scotland, and currently serves as a researcher in The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine. His field of specialty is inter-professional education and collaborative practice in medicine. His work involves doing research, providing consultancy and executing projects in healthcare education, Internationally he works closely with colleagues from various countries, mainly as Associate Fellow of Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), and the Interprofessional.Global organization to develop national projects in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region.

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