Creativity: A "Must" for any Business (One-day Workshop) (CRB101-SP)

Saturday 10:00-16:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)

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This course teaches students about creative thinking and innovation in the workplace. Students will develop creative thinking skills, mentally and physically prepare for creativity, incorporate innocence intuition and adventure into creative thinking, and use creativity to generate ideas and solve problems. The course describes exercises that can be used to prepare the mind and body for creative thinking and explains the most common ways creativity is incorporated into problem solving.

Participants are introduced to an array of methods including the work of brain scientist John Medina, education reformer Ken Robinson, design gurus Tom and David Kelley, Six Thinking Hats creator Edward de Bono and even comedian John Cleese.

As a workshop, the session is heavily focused on hands-on applications, both individual and group-based.

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