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Get up to speed on the latest hot topics by attending our short courses and seminars, which offer a great way to explore a special area of interest quickly.

Last update: December 16, 2020

Seminars and Workshops in April (Spring 2021)

Focus on Specific Language Skills

Course Title Course No. Date Time Fees Apply by
Spontaneity: The Art of Improvisation IMP101-SP 2021/04/17 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/07

Culture and the Arts

Course Title Course No. Date Time Fees Apply by
Exploring the World of Craft Beer BER101-SP 2021/04/17 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/07

Professional Development and Training

Course Title Course No. Date Time Fees Apply by
Business and Human Rights BHR101-SP 2021/04/10 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/03/31
How to Teach Writing Online TEJL-9-SP 2021/04/24 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/14
Interpreting for Marketing Management Meetings BIS203-SP 2021/04/17 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/07

Business, Management, and Communications

Course Title Course No. Date Time Fees Apply by
Lumina Spark - Communication Preferences LUM101-SP 2021/04/10 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/03/31
Introduction to Cyber Security ICS101-SP 2021/04/24 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/14
Becoming an Effective Manager BEM101-SP 2021/04/24 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/14
Leading Sustainable Organization Change & Development ELS101-SP 2021/04/24 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/14
Coaching Skills for Managers, Team Leaders, and Self COA101-SP 2021/04/10 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/03/31
Market Research Fundamentals: Focus on the Focus Group MAR201-SP 2021/04/10 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/03/31
Project Management Practical Applications BPM103-SP 2021/04/17 - 2021/04/18 10:00-16:30 ¥35,999 2021/04/07
AI for Business AIB101-SP 2021/04/10 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/03/31
Branding and Identity Design BID101-SP 2021/04/17 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/07
The fundamentals of creating a successful YouTube channel YTC101-SP 2021/04/24 - 2021/04/25 10:00-16:30 ¥35,999 2021/04/14
Sustainability for SMEs SDG102-SP 2021/04/17 10:00-16:30 ¥17,999 2021/04/07

About Early-Bird Discount Price

Fees for people who register between November 17 and December 14, 2020 and make full payment by December 14, 2020, are shown in the "Early-Bird" column below.

About Friend of TUJ Discount Price

Fees for employees of member companies/organizations enrolled in the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program are shown in the "Friend of TUJ Price" column below. To become a member, please see the "Friend of TUJ Discount" page for the procedure.

Workshop CEUs Count towards Certificates

Workshop CEUs may also be counted towards certificates. A combination of two or three workshops (from a specific elective list in a certificate category) totaling at least 18 hours or 1.8 CEUs plus a special assignment (equivalent to 0.2 CEUs) may also be counted as one elective. Contact the office for further details.

Already Registered for Other Courses?

To register for any additional course(s) offered in the same semester, you can simply send an e-mail to, specifying the course(s) you would like to register for. You do not need to submit an application form again.

Also, if you registered for your course(s) using the Early-Bird Discount and completed payment by the Early-Bird deadline, you will be eligible for 15% discount on any additional course(s) within the same semester.