Creative Writing:Telling the Story (8 Weeks) (ICW102)

Thursday 19:10-21:30
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Brian Bush
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Medical students watch operations; apprentice architects look at buildings; art students inspect painting brushstrokes-all hoping to learn something from masters that will help them in their own work. Why should student writers be any different?
This course is for aspiring writers of fiction who wish to learn and apply the techniques of established authors. The course is comprised of three basic components: a writing workshop (where students provide thoughtful and informative criticism of one another's work); literary analysis (where students analyze and employ techniques employed by expert writers); and brief writing prompts (where students flex their creative writing muscles by practicing key aspects of the writing process).
Each session will focus on a different technique of literary craft (showing vs. telling, detail, character, point of view, plot, dialogue, and revision) in light of both the students' work and the work of established writers. Students should be prepared to discuss assigned reading in class, as well as to critique the work of their classmates by referring to the techniques under consideration. The instructor will provide both oral and written feedback to help students identify strengths and weaknesses in their writing.
Fundamentally, this course is based on the idea that students should read other writers in order to see how certain techniques were employed, how certain effects were achieved, and how these techniques and effects might improve their own writing. The course aims to provide a productive, stimulating, and supportive environment in which students can help each other develop.


Brian Bush

Brian Bush is from Pennsylvania, USA and has lived in the UK, South America and, most recently, Japan, where he has worked as a university lecturer since 2016. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English Literature and has published several articles on twentieth-century writers such as Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, and Vladimir Nabokov. Brian's background in literary studies strongly informs his teaching of creative writing. His teaching method is based on the idea that by studying the techniques of established fiction writers, students can develop their own craft and become expert writers themselves.

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