Exploring Bilingualism (BIL101)

Thursday 19:40-21:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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The study of bilingualism and multilingualism is no longer considered to be an academic preoccupation; rather, it is a practical necessity in today's multilingual world. Whether in family life, social interaction or business negotiation, half the people in the world speak more than one language every day. Yet many myths persist about bilingualism and bilinguals.

This course aims to address issues surrounding many aspects of bilingualism. In particular, course participants will be able to enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge pertaining to questions such as: who are bilinguals and multilinguals; how does a child become bilingual or trilingual; what effect does the home and the neighborhood play in developing bilingualism and multilingualism; does bilingualism have a positive or negative effect on thinking; what do we know about bilingualism and the brain? In addition, this course will focus on bilingualism and cultural identity in the context of Japan. How does bilingualism affect mixed-race individuals' identity in Japan and elsewhere?

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