Japanese Through Children's Stories (JSL224)

Saturday 11:00-12:50
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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Japanese Through Children's Stories course extends an invitation to the fascinating world of Japanese literature for children. While reading some of the well-known folk tales for children, the participants will learn about Japanese traditional culture and the Japanese society in the olden times. Advanced beginners and intermediate level Japanese learners will find this course useful as it provides the opportunity to consolidate grammar and vocabulary knowledge through reading authentic texts and oral/written exercises. Grammar and vocabulary which are frequently used in modern Japanese will be highlighted and practiced through a series of exercises. Participants who are interested in creative writing in Japanese and English will have an opportunity to learn about story-telling in Japanese and challenge themselves into translating one of the provided stories into English. Japanese interpretation of universal topics such as kindness, bravery, gratitude, greed and ingenuity among others will be discussed which might be beneficial for the parents and carers of bilingual children. Sessions will be conducted in a whole-class guided reading style complemented with role-plays, freeze-frame activities and group discussions. The use of technology as a learning tool will be employed when appropriate.

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