Preparation for the Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken-N2 (JSL205)

Wednesday 19:10-21:00
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
Language of

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Course Details

This is a preliminary preparatory course for those who will be taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2nd Grade (Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken- N2 ) in July or December. This course will focus on reviewing basic grammar, going through exercise drills for intermediate grammar and expanding vocabulary. Authentic material such as essays and newspaper articles will be used throughout the course. This will also be useful for those people, not necessarily intending to sit for the test, but for anybody who wants to improve their overall skills in reading, grammar and vocabulary.

(This course is repeatable).

Special Note:

Please note that students who want to register for the test need to register on their own. Please refer to : for the Test Registration Process.

This course is repeatable.

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