Useful Japanese Conversation A (JSL101)

Saturday 09:00-10:50
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Atsuko Onuma
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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Japanese / English
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This is an introductory course for people who haven't learned very much Japanese. Most class hours are spent on oral drills and a variety of other speaking activities. Participants are encouraged to practice communicating and exchanging information through studying model dialogues and acting them out. In addition, you will receive explanations and practice of basic grammar. Japanese characters (hiragana and katakana) will be studied mainly for reading recognition, although we will provide you with writing practice and encourage you to learn to write as soon as possible.


Atsuko Onuma

Over the past seven years, Atsuko has taught a variety of Japanese language courses in the United States and Japan. She is adept at developing and implementing curriculum and helping students advance their understanding of Japanese language and culture. She prides herself in creating tutorial environments that accommodate the needs of each student. Atsuko earned a bachelor's degree in Japanese language and literature from Waseda University and a master's degree in Japanese Pedagogy from Columbia University in New York. As not only a teacher but also someone with experience learning a a foreign language in a foreign country, she understands the unique mixed feelings of anxiety and anticipation. Let Atsuko help improve your communication skills in Japanese, and discover the fun of language learning together.

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