Become a Museum Guide (8 Weeks) (MUS101)

Saturday 10:00-12:20
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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Being a museum guide is a fun way to meet people and share your interest in art. This eight-week course provides the basic skills necessary to be a volunteer English-language museum guide, along with an introductory exploration of basic Japanese art terminology. We will visit various museums and go to exhibitions, being led on English-language tours by experienced museum guides. We will also study how Japan's most popular form of art, the ukiyo-e wood block print of the Edo period (1615-1868), was created. Our studies will include an examination of actual artwork and the development of skills such as how to properly handle art pieces, including Japanese hanging scrolls, ceramics, and crafts. The instructor will provide tips on art appreciation and conducting dynamic art tours. You will learn how to lead your audience and give a tour that is best suited to their needs. The culmination of the course will be presentations in which each of the class members will plan a museum tour, and role play conducting the tour, acting as a guide to lead class members through a museum space. This course is designed not only for students interested in being English language tour guides, but also for anyone who wants to develop a deeper appreciation of museums and art. Any museum or art lover is welcome to participate.

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