Computers and Technology

In the 21st century, technology progresses much faster than traditional education is able to keep up with. Many of us find ourselves needing to use technology that didn’t even exist when we were in school. Even if we did study in a technology related area, our knowledge and skills can quickly become obsolete. For these reasons, continuing education plays a vital role in helping individuals stay current in the latest trends in programming, design, and data management.

The below tables provide information on course schedules and fees. Courses run for ten weeks unless otherwise specified. Please note that not all courses run each semester. The columns on the right indicate which semesters the course is scheduled. Schedules may be subject to change, so please check for updates on this website periodically.

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Computers and Technology


Course Title Course No. Day Time Hrs Fees Early-Bird ? Friend of TUJ ? Sum Fall Spr
AWS Academy Cloud Foundations AWS101 Sat 13:30-15:20 20 ¥59,999 - -    
AWS Academy Cloud Developing AWS201 Sat 13:30-15:20 20 ¥59,999 - -    
AWS Academy Cloud Architecting (Online) AWS202 Sat 13:30-15:20 20 ¥59,999 ¥50,999 ¥53,999    
AWS Academy Cloud Operations AWS203 Sat 09:00-13:00 20 ¥59,999 - -    
Introduction to JAVA JAV101 Sat 11:00-12:50 20 ¥59,999 - -    
Intermediate JAVA JAV102 Sat 11:00-12:50 20 ¥59,999 - -      
Python and R Basic (5 Weeks) PYR101 Sat 15:00-16:50 10 ¥29,999 - -    
Python and R Intermediate PYR102 Sat 15:00-16:50 20 ¥59,999 ¥50,999 ¥53,999  

Business Computing

Course Title Course No. Day Time Hrs Fees Early-Bird ? Friend of TUJ ? Sum Fall Spr
Excel Tools and Techniques EXL201 Wed 19:10-21:00 20 ¥59,999 - -    
Advanced Excel Tools and Techniques EXL301 Wed 19:10-21:00 20 ¥59,999 - -    

Computer Graphics, Publishing, and Web Design

Course Title Course No. Day Time Hrs Fees Early-Bird ? Friend of TUJ ? Sum Fall Spr
Graphic Design and Production (Introduction) GDP101 Sat 09:00-10:50 20 ¥59,999 - -    
Graphic Design and Production (Intermediate) GDP201 Sat 09:00-10:50 20 ¥59,999 ¥50,999 ¥53,999  
Web Design: Introductory (8 Weeks) WPD101 Sat 11:00-13:20 20 ¥59,999 - -    
Web Page Design: Intermediate (8 Weeks) WPD201 Sat 11:00-13:20 20 ¥59,999 - -    


Certificates offer proof of concentrated study in a particular field and can be earned by completing designated courses in a particular program area.

Computers and Technology Certificates

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