Talent Design for Future Leaders (5 weeks) (TAL101)

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Modern working professionals live in an ever changing and increasingly complex work environment. Technology is fast-paced and "traditional" work habits and practices have changed. As well, organizations are faced with a new generation of workers who are looking for fresh challenges and incentives in the workplace (and if they can't find them inside the company, they will look elsewhere!) How do you identify those who are most promising in moving your company forward? What traits do you look for? How do you develop an in-house program that further develops their skills, engagement and loyalty?

This course aims to equip the participant with an understanding of what drives an employee to become proactive in their companies and to hopefully become one of its future leaders making good decisions for the company. Guidelines for developing action plans for identifying, mentoring and developing employees' capabilities will be discussed and examined. This course is of interest to supervisors, HR professionals, mentors and training managers as well as anybody interested in encouraging career growth for their staff while improving the company's business results. Remember: business decisions that leaders of companies make are critical to whether a company or organization succeeds or fails. Invest in your future leaders!

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