Positive Organizational Psychology (8 Weeks) (PSY106)

Thursday 19:10-21:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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Why are certain individuals, teams and/or organizations simply extraordinary? We aim to answer this question by drawing from the growing theoretical base of positive psychology, positive organizational scholarship and positive organizational behavior. After an overview of positive psychology and its applications to life in general, we examine topics such as psychological capital and its place in employee selection, development and overall performance, positively deviant leadership that guides organizations toward superior performance; positive approaches toward leading change initiatives; strength-based job crafting, and other fascinating theories and designs that are driving cutting edge companies toward a new definition of what it is to be successful.

Although perhaps of most interest to those involved in HR and related areas, this course is also very useful for anyone working in an organization: Leaders, executives, managers, and staff of all types and levels. Also, teachers, coaches and counselors can benefit from the thoughts, theories and applications that will be discussed.

Special Note:

Students who have taken PSY 104 - The Power of Positive Psychology are welcome in this course as well. Though a few of the topics will be a review for you, further and deeper applications specific to the organization will be pursued.

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