Leading & Managing Change (8 Weeks) (LMC101)

Tuesday 19:10-21:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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Leaders of change create an environment that is conducive to transformation. This often involves shaking things up, moving people out of their comfort zones and communicating a dynamic and inspiring vision. On the other hand, managers of change attempt to create a stable environment, where those involved feel comfortable with and clear about the changes they face. As can be seen, what leaders do and what managers do seem to be somewhat contradictory, yet both also seem quite necessary. In this course, we will explore, discuss and apply the various change models available to us. These include an 8-step framework developed by Harvard's John Kotter, the DICE model created by the Boston Consulting Group, Cameron's Positively Deviant Leadership model aimed at making organizations extraordinary as well as other approaches, tools and techniques that assist in successful transformation. We will piece together an approach that organizations, teams and/or individuals can use to vastly improve the probability of success in their change initiatives. Our ultimate objective will be to learn how to both lead AND manage change in our worlds. This course will be of interest to anyone faced with change ... which basically means everybody!

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