Management agility and responsiveness (BUS301)

Tuesday 19:40-21:30
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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The key to business success in the 21st century is Management Agility - the ability to effectively respond and adapt to a dynamic and uncertain business environment. Developing the capabilities to accomplish this requires you to fundamentally reshape your understanding of leadership and management, in order to acquire the new skills needed to lead people and manage operations in a rapidly-changing world. Agile management is disruptive with a purpose-and challenges the old way of how organizations operate and how you work individually. A major shift is already taking place among global corporations, which are increasingly transforming themselves into agile organizations to remain competitive and succeed. To embrace the agile workplace and enable the creation of an unprecedented productive environment, you need to adopt a new way of looking at priorities and failure. Through interactive discussion, group work, case study and lecturing, this course provides an essential understanding of agile management and agile organizations-and the personal mind-set, behaviours and skills needed as an agile leader who drives results in an uncertain and dynamic environment. Participants will become more aware of their own personal characteristics, and walk away with a roadmap for becoming a successful agile leader.

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