Preparation for TOEIC Listening & Reading 500-650 (TOE100)

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Did you know that TOEIC is highly evaluated by Japanese companies as a tool to measure a person's ability to understand English in international business situations? Did you know that more and more Japanese companies require a TOEIC score of 500 for entry level employees and expect them to achieve 600 at the trainee level, and that they require an even higher score of at least 650 to consider them as a candidate for a managerial position? You can see how important it is then for your career that you have the English skills that your employer is looking for.

If this is your first time taking a TOEIC test or if you had a low score in your previous test, or if you don't have much confidence in taking the TOEIC test, then this course is for you. A big factor in achieving a good score in the TOEIC test is becoming familiar with the structure of each section of the test and understanding what type of answer is expected for that particular section. Effective time management strategies in answering as many correct questions as possible during a limited time are also critical. This introductory course will help you learn specific strategies for each section of the test, understand trick questions and know how to answer them, and (through a series of mini-practice tests) give you ample opportunities to use the skills that you have learned--ultimately boosting your confidence in raising your TOEIC score!

Special Note:

This course is for those who want to achieve a score between 500 and 650 and is conducted in Japanese.

This course is repeatable.

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