Public Speaking for Professionals (8 Weeks) (PSP101)

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Dan Sloan
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The more important you become, the more you are called on to speak in front of people and share your ideas and opinions. If you are a researcher, you are asked to share and defend your findings. You are, of course, confident in your topic as you are an expert in your field. But how you handle your presentation from beginning to end will determine whether you have successfully convinced your audience or not. In this class, participants will be provided with the basic principles and foundations of listening and speaking skills as well as practical hints on organizing and presenting a speech in terms of audience expectations, eye contact and voice control. From non-verbal to verbal communication skills involved in planning and delivering and finally to mastering the complex nature of Q &A discussions in presentations, this course aims to empower students with the voice, tools and confidence needed by all professionals preparing to speak in front of a wide audience. Participants will have a chance to critique their own and classmates' presentations in order to gain an objective understanding of how they look to others while presenting (a wake-up call to reality!) As well, we will focus on listening comprehension strategies to better understand the questions asked at the end of a presentation. At the end of this course, participants can look forward to enhancing his/her professional reputation through a higher quality of oral presentations, better understanding of audience response and the confidence to handle complex discussions encountered in giving presentations in professional life situations. Students who are in the range of TOEFL 500+/CBT 173+, TOEIC 750+ and EIKEN pre 1-kyu are appropriate for this level.


Dan Sloan

Dan Sloan is a veteran multimedia journalist, who writes for Eurobiz Japan and other media after working at Reuters for 17 years. He is a frequent public speaker and commentator on current events, corporate communications and Japan for professional organizations and academic groups, a university instructor, and author of "Playing to Wiin: Nintendo and the Video Game Industry's Greatest Comeback." He is a former president of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan and a current Board Member.

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