Listening to and Discussing News (LDN101)

Saturday 13:30-15:20
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David Phillips
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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How do you learn to "catch" native English speech? You often hear people say that native English speakers usually speak fast and it is hard to understand them. Well, natural speech (for English or any other language) will almost always be spoken in a fast pace. For a nonnative speaker, this experience can oftentimes be daunting or overwhelming. And yet, unless you are exposed to situations where you often hear authentic speech, your English learning will always be somewhat limited. In this course, you will learn strategies for listening to rapid speech related to news and acquire common words and phrases often used in news reports. The fun part will be engaging in discussions during class and practicing your newly acquired vocabulary. This will definitely give you the confidence to talk about news in English the next time an opportunity comes up.


David Phillips

David Phillips earned his MAT in Applied Linguistics from the University of Southern California and has been working as an Academic English Instructor at Temple University Japan since 2016 and most recently, for the Plurilingual and Pluricultural Education Center at Meikai University. In addition to his university work, he also serves as an examiner for the Eiken Foundation of Japan throughout the year. Prior to living and teaching in Japan, he taught sociocultural anthropology to first-year undergraduates at the University of Washington and Intensive English courses at Seattle Pacific University for 5 years. David is focused on continuing to apply a sociocultural approach to every class lesson as a way to utilize student background knowledge and build co-created classrooms in which every student has opportunities to contribute and actively participate. When he is not teaching or publishing works on adapting materials for cultural responsiveness and autonomous learner development, he sings jazz and produces a music podcast called, "The Rhythm Circuit," which features a global listening base.

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