Crosscultural Communication Topics (CCT101)

Saturday 11:00-12:50
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Yoneko Shiraishi
Tokyo (Maps & Directions)
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What is cross-cultural communication? Cross-cultural communication is one of the most complex fields of study in humanities because it incorporates within it sociology, anthropology, history, psycholinguistics and the art of communication. If you think about it, most everyone knows how to talk but it doesn't necessarily follow that the intended message has been clearly communicated. This becomes even more complicated when people come from different cultural backgrounds and expectations are not met, resulting in misunderstandings, lost business or/and hurt feelings.
Learn to explore and discuss topics related to global business, international affairs, politics, education and personal situations. More importantly, learn how to improve your cross-cultural communication skills when speaking to someone who comes from a different cultural background than yourself. You will see an improvement in both your personal and professional relationships.

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This course will be offered alternately on different semesters. Different topics will be covered.


Yoneko Shiraishi

Yoneko was born in Peru but has lived in the USA, UK, and Spain where she worked in tourism, international politics and cross-cultural studies before moving to Japan in 2006. In 2008, she completed her M.A. in International Cooperation Policy at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University on a Merit of Academic Achievement Scholarship. She consults with companies and trains executives who wish to have a better understanding of cross-cultural communication in order to carry out successful business worldwide. She also worked for UN World Tourism Organization marketing Bhutan as a new tourism destination in Asia. She is a Certified Cultural Trainer by ITIM International and is fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese. She continuously researches cross-cultural communication and business.
Yoneko has published in the following: 1) (Noticias Latinoamericanas magazine); "3-11" (an article about the social impact of the 3.11 earthquake) 2); Touyou Keizai (her seminar on Japanese culture for expats was featured); 3) ITIM International: "Bob a Distracted Traveler" (an article on Cross-cultural communication); 4) "Positive Thinking to Learn English" (Kindle version available); 5) "Stingy" (Kindle version available).

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