Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology

Employment growth in the field of psychology differs according to one’s area of expertise but according to the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, one of the most promising career opportunities in the next decade is in the field of Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. I-O Psychology (or Occupational Psychology) is the science of human behavior as it relates to issues and concerns that individuals, businesses and organizations encounter in the workplace. Practitioners apply psychological theories and principles to improve employee producivity and overall job satisfaction as well as life in general. This certificate program aims to provide students with a basic understanding of human psychology and organizational behavior. Students will also learn techniques on personnel recruitment, developing talent and how to use information technology and management systems for training needs; explore new approaches to performance appraisal; gain confidence in conflict management and diversity issues; and learn how to lead and manage change effectively. The betterment of the working environment ultimately contributes to the organization’s success.


12 CEUs (4 CEUs from core courses and 8 CEUs of electives from a combination of courses and workshops)

Core Courses

 Organizational Behavior (EOB101) 

 Introduction To Psychology (PSY100) 

 Positive Organizational Psychology (PSY106) 

Special Note on Electives: