Certificate in Executive Office Administration

Being the assistant or secretary to a busy executive demands more refined skills than those required for a general office secretary or assistant position. This certificate program will significantly upgrade your skills set in the areas of business, management, communications and technology. Specifically, you'll gain greater competency in office computing, professional communications, general business knowledge and interpersonal and intercultural management. These are skills applicable to a wide range of industries and disciplines. Earning the certificate will enhance your productivity and marketability.


10 CEUs. Choose at least one course from each category below

Office Computing

Choose one course from the Business Computing or IT Management categories.

Professional Communications

Choose one course from each category below.

Oral Communication Skills

Written Communication Skills

General Business Knowledge

Those who are exempt from BUS101 / BUS101-S may choose one course from the Business, Management, and Communications category.

Interpersonal Management Skills

Choose one course from below.

Note: Courses with the same course number suffixed with a dash and semester/course code are identical. (E.g. REI102-FA and REI102-SP, and IBP101 and IBP101-S are identical.) More than one of these courses may not be used toward a certificate.