Application Procedures

Please follow the procedure below to apply for courses.

1. Submit your application online

Please submit the online application form, or, if you prefer to use a paper application form, you may download the PDF below or request it and submit the completed form by mail, fax, or in person.

2. Confirm the information on your AAI form

You will receive an AAI (Application Acknowledgement and Invoice) form by e-mail within three business days. Please confirm these items on the documents:

  • Course(s) you applied for
  • Student ID number
  • Payment amount and deadline

3. Pay the entrance fee (first time only) and your tuition

After you receive your AAI form, please submit your payment as specified on the form by wire transfer prior to the designated deadline. To enable us to identify your payment, be sure to include your student ID number before your name when paying via wire transfer. Please note that you are responsible for paying any bank charges.

4. "Tuition Payment Confirmation" will be sent to you by email.

When your payment is confirmed, the office will inform you by email. The wire transfer receipt serves as the official receipt.

This completes the application process. Please contact the office if you do not receive the AAI form within three business days after submitting application.