Terms and Conditions

Once the registration is processed, please notify your employees of this educational benefit by e-mail, announcements through intranet, or by other means.

Through E-mail

Before the start of each semester, our office sends out an announcement by e-mail to inform member organizations about our upcoming semester schedule. This announcement will also include information on seminars and workshops, as well as important dates. You may notify your employees by simply forwarding this announcement to employees in the company.

Through Intranet

You may also post this announcement on the company intranet or company training website.

Other Means

Before the start of each semester, we send out hard copy brochures and course schedules to be used as reference for your employees. You may also post course schedules on bulletin boards that are easily accessible to your employees. Posters and fliers are also available for posting on your bulletin boards. Please contact us for more details.