Friend of TUJ Discount Program

Continuing Education at TUJ is a center for professional development and lifelong learning for any stage in life. Our offerings enable participants to develop professional skills, advance their linguistic ability and pursue personal interests while expanding their networks in Tokyo and globally. "Friends of TUJ" is a benefits program for partner organizations that enables their employees or members to receive a 15% discount on TUJ Continuing Education courses, workshops and entrance fee.

Why become a Friend of TUJ partner?

Continuing professional and personal development opportunities is one of the most meaningful benefits an organization can provide to its members. Individuals widen their horizons and become more open-minded as they interact with classmates from different professional, age and cultural backgrounds. At TUJ Continuing Education, individuals from nearly 100 countries and territories use English to interact across cultures while developing their skills and knowledge. TUJ students include individuals from multinational companies and organizations, embassies, and international schools. It's a great way to learn while expanding one's professional and social network.

Participants also discover new possibilities and capabilities by learning the most relevant and practical skills and trends in business and other fields, which can be applied to their everyday work. This knowledge creates an invaluable sense of achievement, an eagerness to learn more and a feeling of confidence to improve.

Registered Friend of TUJ partner organizations utilize our Continuing Education program for skills training for their employees, to develop thinking capabilities to handle problems at the modern workplace, and to improve motivation and satisfaction. Employers also observe that cultural sensitivity and broadmindedness in employees dramatically improve. Instruction in English for all courses helps non-native speakers develop enhanced fluency and confidence in handling international communications locally or abroad. Our documented and assessed courses help to ensure employers that learning objectives have been met.

Terms and Conditions

For partner organizations to provide the tuition discount benefit to their employees or members, partners agree to distribute information about the discounted tuition benefit to their employees/members by e-mail, announcements through intranet, or by other means.

Before the start of each semester, our office sends out an announcement by e-mail to inform member organizations about our upcoming semester schedule. This announcement will also include information on seminars and workshops, as well as important dates. You may notify your employees by simply forwarding this announcement to employees in the company. You may also post this announcement on the company intranet or company training website. If you would prefer to receive hard copies of course catalogs and schedules, please inform our staff. We will be happy to send those. Posters and fliers are also available for posting on your bulletin boards. Please contact us for more details.

For employees or members to receive the discount, they only need to enter the partner organization details at the time of application.

*Please note that FTUJ benefits cannot be used with other Continuing Education discounts.