FAQ about the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program

Q1. What is the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program?

The "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program is for corporations and organizations registered as members of this discount program. We will waive our one-time entrance fee (¥10,800) and apply a 10% discount on the tuition for any course, workshop, or seminar in the TUJ Continuing Education program for employees of member organizations enrolled in this discount program.

Q2. What are the benefits of enrolling in the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program?

Benefits for Companies

Registering for the discount program enables the company to utilize our Continuing Education program as part of human resource training and skills development for internationally-minded employees. Additionally, we provide motivation by awarding CEUs to employees who have completed their training, and create opportunities for career advancement by offering practical professional skills taught in English.

Benefits for Employees

In addition to the entrance fee waiver and tuition discount, the program allows individuals to discover new possibilities and capabilities by learning the most modern and practical trends in business. Knowledge gained creates confidence in the employee's abilities to perform well in his company, and contributes considerably to the advancement of his career.

Q3. Are there any fees to enroll for the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program?

There are no fees to enroll in the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program.

Q4. May I use the discount with other discount programs such as the Early Bird Discount?

The usage of multiple discounts is not allowed.

Q5. What type of companies are registered in the discount program?

A variety of companies including law offices, financial institutions, academia, industry and sales, IT related fields, embassies and other international organizations, hotel management, and employment agencies have enrolled in the program.

Q6. How many companies are registered in the discount program?

As of November 2017, over 1,300 companies are enrolled.

Q7. Is our Friend of TUJ registration valid for only two semesters?

No, your Friend of TUJ registration remains active unless you contact us to cancel the registration. Please note that there is no fee to keep your registration active, but cancelling that registration will mean that your employees will not be entitled to the Friend of TUJ discount when they register for courses.

Q8. Are Subsidiaries and Affiliates also eligible for the discount?

Employees at those companies and organizations are also eligible for the entrance fee waiver and tuition discount. Please provide your subsidiaries/affiliates in the online acknowledgement form, they will automatically qualify for this special discount.

Q9. Are temporary workers working at registered companies eligible for the "Friend of TUJ" Discount?

Temporary workers are also eligible for the entrance fee waiver and tuition discount if the company wishes to extend this benefit to their part-time workers. Please provide the company name when applying for the course.

Q10. Can I personally register for the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program as an individual?

Individuals may not personally register to the discount program. Please notify your Human Resource Manager or Administration to enroll in the discount program. We ask companies and organizations to notify all employees of the discount program after the registration to the discount program has been finalized.

Q11. What are the procedures for registering one's company in the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program?

Please submit the Friend of TUJ Online Acknowledgment Form. Upon receipt of the form, our representative will contact you.

Q12. After sending the Acknowledgment Form, what should I do?

Once the registration is processed, please notify your employees of this educational benefit by e-mail, announcements through intranet, or other means. Please see here for more detail.

Q13. How should I notify my employees?

Please use the methods described here to notify your employees.

Q14. As an HR manager, I would like to explore ways to determine the most appropriate and beneficial courses for my employees. How can you help me?

We encourage open discussions between HR managers and TUJ so that we can better understand your employees' needs and provide the best educational support for their learning and training. Please feel free to contact us.

Q15. Should the company be in charge of paying the tuition fees?

The employee may pay personally for the courses applied, or the company may pay together for all employees.

Q16. As an employee registered for the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program, is there a possibility that the company name and other private information will be used without our permission?

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), pays special attention when handling our students' personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy so you can be assured when utilizing our educational services. TUJ will never willfully sell, trade, rent, share, disclose, or make available any personally identifiable data about you to any third party without first receiving your permission, except when the law requires or permits disclosure.

Q17. I would like to know more about this discount program before registering.

Please feel free to contact us concerning the "Friend of TUJ" Discount Program.

Q18. How do I know if my company is already registered as a member?

Please contact us to confirm the registration status.