Who Are the Members?

As of November 2017, over 1,300 internationally minded companies and organizations are registered in the Friend of TUJ discount program. These registered companies vary from embassies to multinational companies in different industries. As such, taking courses at TUJ is an excellent opportunity to study with people from different ethnic backgrounds and professional disciplines. It is a unique environment that fosters intellectual exchange and stimulation. These registered companies welcome the opportunity to send employees to courses that can improve skills and knowledge in the workplace.

Top 10 Industries of Registered Company

Other than those industries above, there are registered companies and organizations in such industries as fabric, food, clothing, hotel & hospitality, journalism & press, real estate, telecommunications, design, marketing & advertisement, accounting, legal, cultural institution, international authority, and many more.

Friend of TUJ Members Increasing Day by Day

Along with the modern world's complexities and rapid advance into technologies come an equally increasing number of people eager to improve their skills in their respective disciplines. Corporations and organizations have been keen to utilize the benefits of the Friend of TUJ discount program for their employees. They recognize that the value of continuing one's education (whether for personal or professional development) has never been more imperative as in these days and times.

Number of Registered Companies

Popular Courses and Certificate Programs among Friend of TUJ Students

Many Friend of TUJ students take various business related courses and certificate programs to learn tips and trends that can be applied at their own workplace.

There are also general English courses (from beginner to advanced) for those who need to upgrade their English Language proficiencies.