Benefits for Friend of TUJ Members

In addition to receiving a waiver of our one-time entrance fee (¥10,800) and 10% discount on the tuition for any course, workshop, or seminar in the TUJ Continuing Education program, there are other additional benefits that can apply to members of Friend of TUJ.

For Employees

Employees widen their horizons and become more open-minded as they interact with classmates from different professional, age and cultural backgrounds. Individuals also discover new possibilities and capabilities by learning the most modern and practical trends in business and other fields. This knowledge, in turn, creates an invaluable sense of achievement, an eagerness to learn more and a feeling of confidence to advance in one's career.

For Companies

Registered companies utilize our Continuing Education program, not only in skills training for their employees, but also in developing thinking capabilities to handle problems at the modern workplace. Employers also observe that cultural sensitivity and broadmindedness in employees dramatically improve. Through Student Assessment Reports, employers are assured that employees have sufficiently attended class and performed the necessary coursework required to pass the course. Instruction in English for all courses develops enhanced fluency and confidence in handling international communications locally or abroad.

Unique Learning Environment

Students from over 40 countries use English to interact with one another across their diverse cultures. They also employ English to improve their skills and knowledge while taking similar courses offered at universities in the U.S. In addition, TUJ students include senior-ranked individuals from multinational companies and organizations, embassies, and international schools. It's a great way to learn while expanding your professional and social network.

Certificate Programs

TUJ's Continuing Education offers various certificate programs that, not only offer students practical training, but keep them current with developments in the field as well. Completion of a certificate is proof of concentrated study and enriches one's resume and marketability. It also demonstrates competitiveness and gives a boost to employees seeking to advance in their careers in the international domain.