Interview with Anthony Bedard

A certificate in Human Resources Management is one of the most popular certificate programs offered in the Continuing Education program. Students taking these courses learn valuable tips that can be applied at their workplace. Let's find out more from the instructor!

Could you tell us about your background?

I'm an ex-pat Canadian now living in Tokyo. I've worked as a manager, consultant and trainer for over 20 years. This includes work in various industries and in a range of positions (international operations, accounting, human resources, etc.). I can say without hesitation, regardless of industry or organization, success comes from the effort and dedication of quality people. So I spend much of my time researching, teaching and managing on the human side of business.

What courses do you teach? — How can these courses help students and in what field?

I teach a number of different management and human-focused courses. These include: human resources management, performance management and appraisal, leading and managing change, organizational behavior and a more recent addition, positive psychology. These are all aimed at ensuring that students understand and can use the latest and most effective management tools available, regardless of field or industry.

Do you know of any success stories of students who took your course?

In my five years of teaching at TUJ, I've been inspired by many student successes. A mid-level manager took what he learned about personalities in organizational behavior class and revamped his company's assessment and selection system. This won him considerable praise from his peers. Another student decided to leave his job in search of a true leadership position. He now runs the European operations of a major travel company. A work-from-home mother put her HRM certificate to work and landed an administrative and HR-related position in a prestigious Tokyo law firm.

But really, I think the true "success" is the confidence that students build while studying at TUJ. Once a person stops learning, they start going backwards. TUJ students are always moving forward.

What backgrounds do your students have?

Some of my students are working in HR and want to upgrade their skillset. Others are trying to transition into HR. But many are simply aiming toward becoming better managers and/or higher performers in their chosen field. TUJ's culturally diverse classes are a great training ground for anyone aiming toward a richer and more meaningful career.

Did you know?

We ask our students to provide us with feedback comments on instructors and courses at the end of each semester. Tony always receives almost perfect marks for the usefulness of the materials and activities, and for the great information being learned in class.