The Basics of Job-Hunting in Japan

This section provides you with basic information on how to job-hunt in Japan. Whether you are looking to work at a foreign or Japanese company, we highly recommend that you look through the following contents to prepare for job-hunting in Japan.

Typical Job-Hunting Schedule

If you plan to apply for a job at a large company, either foreign or Japanese, you should begin the search in your junior year. Such companies typically hire graduates a year before graduation and let them start working at the beginning of April. We highly recommend that you start your search at least a year and six months prior to graduation. Timing for your job-hunting can be defined by your expected graduation date. It is important to consult with the Career Development Office as soon as you know your possible graduation date.

Freshman (0-30 credits)

Seminars to Attend
  • Visit Career Development Office!

Sophomore (31-60 credits)

Seminars to Attend
  • Fill out "Career Planning Sheet" at the Career Development Office
  • Start taking tests such as TOEIC, JLPT or BJT
  • Talk to senior students who have been job-hunting

Junior (61-90 credits)

Seminars to Attend
Job Hunting Flow
  • Internships
  • Dec-Feb (Complete the list of target companies, Register Shukatsu sites, OB/OG Visit, Pre-entry for some indeustries and foregin companies and industries)
  • Meet TUJ Alumni
  • Join TUJ Job Hunting Club!

Senior (90 credits or more)

Seminars to Attend
Job Hunting Flow
  • Mar-July (Entry Sheet, Company Seminar, Exams, Interviews for some companies)
  • August-Oct (Spring Teiki Hiring, Entry Sheet, Company Seminar, Exams, Interview, Offer)
  • October- (Fall Hiring)
  • Nov-Dec (Boston Career Fair, Tokyo winter job fairs for bilinguals)

We also offer services such as individual counseling and distribution of job-hunting materials. These services are provided based on the assumption that you attend the seminars and workshops at the appropriate time. It is important that you check your Temple e-mail so you don’t miss out on any seminar you should attend.

When You’ve Finished Job-Hunting

We value our relationship with TUJ alumni very highly, as they are in the best position to be supporters of TUJ students facing job-hunting. It is important for us to have the correct information about your job-hunting and future employer. When you finish your job-hunting, please fill in the TUJ New Graduate Employment Contact Information and e-mail it to us at