Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Career Development Office, and when are you open?

Please refer to the information on our Contact page.

Where can I find job postings for full-time jobs?

Available jobs are posted at several locations: The Career Bulletin Board and the Canvas student portal. If you would like to apply for a specific job, please contact us.

How do I apply for an internship?

The Career Development Office posts internship information every semester on the Career Bulletin Board and the Canvas student portal. You can only apply for a single internship at a time. For additional information about the application procedure, please log on to the Canvas.

When should I start applying for jobs?

If you plan to apply for a job at a large company, either a Japanese company or a foreign company in Japan, you should begin the search in your junior year. Pre-entry begins in October or November. Such companies typically hire graduates a year before graduation, and those graduates start working at the beginning of April. Some small to medium-sized companies are more flexible. Please see the typical job-hunting schedule.

What are SPI and screening tests?

Many companies in Japan require new graduate applicants to take a written or online test during the screening process. SPI is the most well-known of these tests. The written or online test is for judging the basic academic knowledge of the applicant. The Career Development Office has many books to help you prepare for these tests.

What is an Entry Sheet?

Job Application forms prepared by each company are called “entry sheets”. More and more companies are using “entry sheets” these days. Many companies use them in addition to or instead of a resume. Since open online entry became common for everybody, the number of applications to each company has increased dramatically. By asking for this comprehensive form called an “entry sheet”, companies are avoiding applications from students who aren’t serious.

I need advice on my resume. Who should I talk to?

The Career Development Office can help you with your resume in both in English and Japanese. The office also holds resume-writing workshops. These workshops are announced on the Career Event Calendar page. TUJ also offers courses in business writing that cover how to write effective resumes in English. For more information on this topic, please contact us.

Where can I buy rirekisho (Japanese resume forms) with the TUJ logo on them?

Rirekisho* bearing the TUJ logo are available at the Career Development Office. The charge is ¥150 for five copies.

*Some Japanese companies and career fairs require these official resumes with the university logo on them. This format is specifically designed for TUJ students, who have achieved an international education.

Can I use the Career Development Office in my freshman or sophomore year?

Yes. We have seminars and workshops targeting freshman and sophomore students. Please check the Career Event Calendar. It is very useful to start thinking of your post graduation career plan in your freshman or sophomore year. With your career plan in mind, you can make your college life even more meaningful. Please visit us!

Temple University has a different academic calendar from typical Japanese universities. How can I adjust to Japanese Shukatsu?

Many global companies hire students from foreign universities, and it is becoming more common for those companies to set up an extra screening process in addition to the normal process for Japanese university students. However, it is very important for you to show your interest to these companies through pre-entry. If you are graduating in either Summer or Fall, you are likely to start working from the next April. If you are graduating in May, you should ask each company if they can accept a Summer /Fall start.