Continuing to Job-Hunt after Graduation (Visa-sponsored Students Only)

In order to continue hunting for a job in Japan, you will need to apply for a change in your visa status, from "College Student" to "Designated Activities" status.

Obtaining a Recommendation Letter for Designated Activity Visa Application

You need a recommendation letter from the Career Development Office to apply for a Designated Activity Visa. In order for us to issue this recommendation letter, we need to verify that you have been actively searching for a job while you were a student. This is because the visa is limited to recent graduates who are continuing job hunting activities, rather than those who are starting their job search after graduating.

To be eligible to request a recommendation letter, you must have:

  1. successfully graduated from TUJ
  2. continuously applied for full-time jobs in Japan during your final semester (at least 3 full-time job applications each month)

If you will be applying for a Designated Activity Visa for the Purpose of job hunting, you will need to obtain a recommendation letter from the Career Development Office to complete your application. You must request the recommendation letter AND submit a complete application to the Bureau of Immigration from within 30 days of your diploma date. For example, if you are graduating in fall and the diploma date is December 21st, you have from December 21st until January 21st to request the recommendation letter and submit all of your visa application materials to the Immigration Bureau.

In general, TUJ is unable to issue a letter of recommendation after 30 days from the diploma date. If your student visa expires earlier than 30 days after the diploma date, you must apply for a Designated Activity Visa by the expiration date of your student visa.

Note: TUJ recommendation is discretionary and may be rejected if you have a history of academic or campus misconduct, a criminal record, or other notable trouble with university staff, faculty, or other students.

How to request a recommendation letter

  1. Download the Request for Letter of Recommendation for Job Hunting Visa below, or pick up paper copies at the Career Development Office.
  2. Read the instructions carefully and fill out the request forms.
  3. Submit the forms either as e-mail attachments or by bringing them to the Career Development Office. Please include as much evidence of your job hunting activities as possible. Attach copies of e-mail messages from companies to schedule interviews or notifying you of a rejection, screenshots of notifications that your online application has been submitted, etc.
  4. If you do not receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your Request for Letter of Recommendation for Job Hunting Visa (and attachments) within 24 hours, please contact the Career Development Office.

The Career Development Office cannot answer questions regarding the visa application itself. For a list of documents required for the application, please see the application information of Designated Activity Visa on the Ministry of Justice website. You can also contact the Immigration Bureau of Japan with questions regarding your application.