Student Intern Interview: Alexa Weaver

Student Intern Profile

Alexa Weaver
International Business Studies
Internship at:
GE Capital Japan
Summer 2014

Q1What are some of your projects/responsibilities at the internship?

Alexa I am currently working on industry research to evaluate potential opportunities for the asset-based lending team in Japan. I have had the opportunity to work on a few projects, all of them are research- and analytic-based, which I have enjoyed.

Q2 What have you learned from the internship?

AlexaI have refined my research and report writing abilities significantly while at GE. I have also learned about office dynamics in Japan.

The culture here at GE Capital Japan is an interesting blend of Japanese and American business. It was great to get a chance to work at a very high-performing international firm. The office was very welcoming and willing to help interns learn and participate.

Q3Would you recommend this internship to other TUJ students?

Alexa The GE internship is really great, but it is not for those who do not want to work hard. You should expect to be taken seriously as an adult, and not have your hand held in the work you do. It has been a great experience and has given me a look into what is expected outside the realm of academia.

Q4 Please tell us your future goals or your plans after graduation.

Alexa After graduation, my goal is to be happy and challenged in my work. Interning at GE has given me hope that I can succeed in whichever field I end up in.

Q5 How do you envision your internship experience helping you in the future?

Alexa I see this internship at GE as "polishing" before I enter the workforce – and I definitely believe that because of this experience I will have a higher "market value" in job hunting compared to my peers.

Alexa's Daily Schedule

Time Activity
8:00-10:00 Class at TUJ
11:00 Arrive at work, check e-mail, and start on project(s)
12:30 Lunch with interns/supervisor/co-workers
13:30-14:00 Meet with my supervisor to go over project progress
14:00-18:00 Continue working on projects: research, reports, presentations

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