Student Intern Interview: Samuel Roux

Student Intern Profile

Samuel Roux
France & U.S.A.
International Business
Internship at:
IBM Japan
Summer 2015
Semester Abroad

Q1Why did you choose to intern at IBM?

Sam I love researching information on various databases and I have a strong interest in global marketing strategies. I am also interested in the IT industry, and I want to learn more about how to enhance productivity by leveraging IT solutions for marketing purposes. In turn, an important reason I chose to intern at IBM is the opportunity to research various marketing and communications IT strategies to help firms enhance productivity.

Q2 What are some of your projects/responsibilities at the internship?

Sam Creating agendas and themes for events, translating reports and letters from Japanese to English, meeting with clients, researching the financials and strategies of various companies to identify potential guests and guest speakers for events, creating promotional videos, and making presentations to promote IBM software during events.

Q3What have you learned from the internship?

Sam Among other things, I have learned to keep it simple and minimize risk when creating event themes that involve meeting with clients. I've learned the importance of remaining realistic in every decision made regarding a project. I've learned to make sure I understand my tasks 100% before starting to work on them. Asking too many questions to coworkers while working on a task can be annoying in a Japanese work setting. I've also improved my business-Japanese ability as well as my understanding of Japanese business customs.

Q4 Please tell us your future goals or your plans after graduation.

Sam I plan on working for a global marketing enterprise to help businesses increase profitability and growth. The IT industry would be ideal, but I am open to any industry as long as I can research to develop global marketing strategies. I am equally comfortable working in Japan, the U.S., and France. I think my choice will depend on the opportunities I receive upon graduation. After four to five years of acquiring experience from working, I would like to start my own business in IT solutions.

Q5 How do you envision your internship experience helping you in the future?

Sam My internship will help me in the following ways:

  • This internship taught me a lot about Japanese professional norms and values. In turn, I will be ready to work in Japan upon graduation.
  • I know how to meet important Japanese clients thanks to this internship. If I have to meet Japanese clients for negotiations or contract purposes for a U.S. or French company, I will be ready to do so.
  • My extensive use of various databases for research purposes has enhanced my marketing research skills, which I may use for a future job in global marketing.
  • Translating reports enhanced my language skills, which I may use in the future.

Q6 Would you recommend this internship to other TUJ students?

Sam I encourage any student who wishes to do the following to pursue this internship at IBM Japan:

  • Learn how to plan efficiently
  • Practice intense and structured research
  • Learn Japanese professional norms, and how to properly meet/greet clients in Japan
  • Learn how to communicate efficiently in Japanese, and in a professional context.

Samuel's Daily Schedule

Time Activity
8:30-9:00 Arrive early at the office to give myself time to prepare for the day. Respond to my e-mails and take note of my schedule for the day.
9:00-10:00 Work on the projects that were previously assigned to me. I work with two different teams: a strategic planning team composed of IBM executives, and a team composed of all the interns, focusing on internal events and administration
10:00-12:00 Meeting and/or continue working on my projects.
12:00-13:00 Lunch with other interns or other IBM staff teams.
13:00-14:00 Either continue working on my projects or go to another meeting.
14:00-16:30 Long meeting with my strategic-planning team
16:30-17:35 Take a fifteen-minute break during which I grab a coffee and a snack. Then, continue researching and building presentations for projects

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