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June 2016 Issue

Alumni News

Cherry Blossom Viewing by the Sumida

TUJ alumni, family, current students and staff enjoyed a Sakura viewing party along the Sumida River on March 26. The event was also a fond farewell to Tokyo Chapter Board Member Doug Shultz, who sadly departed Japan the following week for the United States. Although only a few blossoms were out on the day of the party, the park was full of people enjoying the fine weather, and almost 40 members of the TUJ community participated. Despite the large crowds in Asakusa, the Temple contingent definitely stood out. Our multi-national group really demonstrated the best features of TUJ - a diverse, cross-cultural crowd together having fun together. We even attracted the attention of the Channel 4 morning show, ZIP. And although we had the TV crew and cameras focused on us, none of our members who were interviewed made the show the following day. We probably need to work on our presentation skills, not just practice our eating and drinking!

Temple Toast: Getting our Mustache On

Temple community members gathered at Two Dog Taproom in Roppongi on February 15 to celebrate the 173rd birthday of university founder and first president, Russell Conwell. In its 132-year history, Temple University has grown from a small night school for local Philadelphia students to an internationally renowned center for teaching, scholarship and research. Conwell’s vision over a century ago is the reason we can all proudly call ourselves Owls today.

The evening in Roppongi was full of Temple spirit as participants celebrated the university’s history and Conwell’s memory by donning Temple badges and hats while snacking on Happy Birthday M&Ms under cherry and white balloons and streamers. And, of course, no celebration of Conwell would be complete without loyal Temple fans sporting mustaches. Conwell very famously had a prominent one himself.

Take a look at one of our best mustache selfies. If we’ve got a mustache on, we’ve got pride. Go Owls!

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