AEP Day Program

This course offers the basic academic English skills that are required at universities and graduate schools in English-speaking countries. The schedule is designed for students who can take classes during the day, and students can even take just one class (6 hours per week). Anyone who is a high school graduate and who meets the required English level can take these courses.

If you are considering applying to TUJ’s Undergraduate or Bridge Program, please apply to the “University Track Course”. The class information can be found in the “TOEFL ITP Prep Classes (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)” section at the bottom of this page.

Target Learners

For those who want to:

  • Enroll in the Undergraduate or graduate programs at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ).
  • Prepare to study abroad at a university or graduate school.
  • “Study abroad” while in Japan (according to the regulations of their university), or who want to experience study-abroad.
  • Prepare before studying abroad in a foreign country.
  • Follow up after studying abroad.
  • Obtain a job at a global company.
  • Learn not only conversational English but also advanced reading and writing through “Academic English”.

Program Features

  • Students can take AEP classes both online and on campus for one semester and expect to improve both Academic and daily conversational English skills because the official language at TUJ is English.
  • This Day Program includes General Education classes customized for non-native English speakers and conducted in the American university class style. “Academic Skills” that are not taught in an actual American university class are also covered in these classes.
  • Classes are taught by instructors with master’s and/or doctoral degrees who teach in the Bridge Program and in other AEP programs at TUJ.

※This course is designed for students who have test scores higher than TOEFL iBT 32, IELTS 3.5, TUJ TOEFL ITP 400, Eiken Grade Pre-2, or the equivalent English proficiency. You need to take and pass an AEP entrance test consisting of “reading” and “listening” if you do not have one of the above scores.


Details (Spring 2022)

AEP Day Program:
Monday, February 14 to Wednesday, March 23
Undergraduate Track Course:
Friday, January 14 to Thursday, March 31
Temple University, Japan Campus (Access: 7-minute walk from Sangen-jaya station, Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line)
AEP Day Program:
Sunday, January 9, 2022
※We may still accept applications after the deadline based on availability. Please submit the form below if you plan to take courses.
Undergraduate Track Course:
Please see Application Deadlines
Course Registration:
AEP Day Program Registration Form (for general English learners)
Undergraduate Track Course Registration Form (for future undergraduate/bridge program applicants
  • Please email a photo of your high school diploma or the relevant certificate and a copy of your test score after you submit the form.
  • If applications do not reach our minimum numbers of students, we will not be able to offer the courses.
The application period has ended.

AEP Day Program Class List

Academic English Classes (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

Photo from previous class

This course offers the basics of academic English skills that are required at universities and graduate schools. Classes will be held on Mondays/Wednesdays and Tuesdays/Thursdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm or; 2:00pm to 5:00pm (Each schedule includes a 10-minute break). The actual class times will be determined based on students’ levels.

Reading-based Writing (RbW): (12 hours a week)

10:00-13:00 or; 14:00-17:00

*The contents of the classes on both schedules are the same.

Summary: This is a customized version of the writing class for Liberal Arts courses at Temple University, Main Campus. Students read articles about social and current issues and quotations from fiction and write essays based on them.

In this class, students:

  • Learn the types of compositions, linguistic expressions, and the vocabulary of academic writing.
  • Learn logical structure while experiencing the process of outlining, drafting, and revising essays.
  • Complete essays based on the texts that they read to match the assignments.
  • Write 2 to 3 essays per semester.

AEP General Education (AEP-GE): (12 or 24 hours a week)

10:00-13:00 and/or 14:00-17:00

*The contents of the classes on each schedule are different.

Summary: This is a class customized from the General Education Liberal Arts courses at Temple University, Main Campus. Examples of courses offered in the past include Eating Cultures, Advertising & Globalization, and Youth Cultures. Classes are conducted in the same flow as those on the main campus, in the order of preparation, lectures, discussions, research, and presentations.

In this class, students:

  • Experience a mock class of an American university’s general liberal arts course in an undergraduate program.
  • Learn the sequence of events that take place in an American university’s classes. For example, prepare (= read a textbook & create reading notes), create lecture notes while listening to lectures, ask questions during class, actively participate in discussions conducted throughout the class, lead group discussions, etc. Doing projects in study groups and online or library research, making presentations using visual materials and IT, writing papers (reports), visiting professors during office hours, taking mid/final exams, etc.
  • Learn one subject deeply and from various points of view to develop critical thinking skills.

Guided Independent Study (GIS): (12 hours a week)

10:00-13:00 and/or 14:00-17:00

*TOEFL I TP500+ required to take this class.

Summary: The other two classes (RbW and AEP-GE) are conducted with the given subject and reading materials, but in this class, each student can choose the subject of study based on their major, specialty, interests, etc. During the semester, students research according to the instructor’s guidance, make presentations based on the research, and write essays. The subject of study can be chosen from all fields of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

TOEFL ITP Prep Classes (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

These are designed for students to understand the style of the TOEFL ITP, develop strategies, and acquire comprehensive “testing ability.” Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:20-12:30, 13:00-15:10 and/or 15:40-17:50 (all include a 10-minute break). Actual class times will be decided based on the students’ English levels.

Listening, Section A and B (LAB): Monday/Wednesday/Friday (6 hours a week)

  • Learn general conversation expressions and vocabulary
  • Study American English sounds and intonation
  • Acquire the ability to grasp the meaning of conversations from the context and implications by imagining the circumstances of conversations
  • Practice speaking oneself in order to better catch what others say
  • Based on the above, focus on training to improve Listening Section scores for Parts A & B

Structure & Written Expression (SWE): Monday/Wednesday/Friday (6 hours a week)

  • Learn English grammar forms (such as comparatives and superlatives)
  • Study how to choose and use sentence patterns and vocabulary
  • Practice writing sentences in order to understand sentences that others write
  • Grasp the question patterns of the TOEFL Structure Section
  • As shown above, do practice aiming to improve your TOEFL Structure and Written Expression score

Listening, Section C, and Reading (LCR): Monday/Wednesday/Friday (6 hours a week)

  • Understand academic English subject matter in university lectures and textbooks
  • Acquire notetaking skills to better comprehend university lectures
  • Learn reading and listening skills to comprehend academic writing
  • Increase basic knowledge to be able to understand lectures and writing in various academic fields
  • Improve your TOEFL Listening Part C and reading Section scores through the practice of the above

Fees(Tax Included)

Tuition for 1 Class 121,500
AEP Registration Fee 15,500
Activity Fee 3,200
Facility Fee 27,500
Administration Fee 3,000
Total 170,700 yen
Tuition for 2 Classes 243,000
AEP Registration Fee 15,500
Activity Fee 3,200
Facility Fee 27,500
Administration Fee 3,000
AEP Discount -11,500
Total 280,700 yen
Tuition for 3 Classes 364,500
AEP Registration Fee 15,500
Activity Fee 3,200
Facility Fee 27,500
Administration Fee 6,000
AEP Discount -34,000
Total 382,700 yen
Tuition for 4 Classes 486,000
AEP Registration Fee 15,500
Activity Fee 3,200
Facility Fee 27,500
Administration Fee 6,000
AEP Discount -67,500
Total 470,700 yen


  • All the above fees include taxes.
  • Bank transfer service fees are not included above and are paid by the applicants.
  • AEP Registration Fee is valid for one academic year (3 semesters).
  • Please understand that the class format and the schedule of these courses are subject to change without any prior notice.
Photo: Scenes of student activities

Apply here:

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AEP Day Program Registration Form (for general English learners)

Undergraduate Track Course Registration Form (for future undergraduate/bridge program applicants

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Note: Please be aware that courses cannot be offered in the event that there are insufficient numbers of applicants.

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