Our Mission

The primary mission of Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is to provide a superior education to all students. As a campus of Temple University, TUJ provides undergraduate, graduate and first-professional students from Japan, the United States, and around the world with the opportunity to obtain a degree from a leading American university while studying in downtown Tokyo. TUJ offers a broad range of degree and non-degree programs that reflect the academic standards and requirements of the home campus while embracing the uniqueness of our position as a full-experience American university campus in Japan.

TUJ's educational philosophy is based upon a combination of education and student service that enables our students to acquire the critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, linguistic, and professional skills necessary for them to achieve their academic, career, and personal aspirations. The above academic commitment to our students is bolstered by a full range of student support and services, from admissions through career placement.

We live in a world in which both challenges and opportunities are borderless, in which individuals build lives and careers that span cultures and languages, and in which the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong process. TUJ's mission is to provide a truly international education as a leader and innovator in providing the traditions and contemporary practices of American higher education in a Japanese context to create a unique intellectual environment that transcends borders.

As an American institution in Japan, TUJ is committed to working with Japanese institutions of higher education in educational, research and administrative relationships in order to further mutual academic development. TUJ helps foster better relations between the United States and Japan, but as a truly international institution of higher education we hope that TUJ can be a model for cross-national academic collaboration for all.

In fulfilling the above missions, TUJ will proudly represent Temple University and its commitment to international education.