An Update from the Dean Stronach

The Beginning

April 2008

I am pleased and honored to be the new Dean of Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), and would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you both myself and TUJ. I know that there will be strong synergy created between myself and TUJ because there is a great deal of similarity between the history of TUJ and my professional career. TUJ has been in Japan for 26 years and is by far the oldest and most robust American institution of higher education in Japan. I have lived in Japan and worked at Japanese universities for approximately 20 of the past 32 years; and have worked at American universities for the remaining 12 years. Having been the president of a Japanese university, Yokohama City University, and an American college, Becker College, my desire is to develop TUJ as an international institution of higher education here in Japan based upon the foundation of an American university.

Throughout Japanese society, in higher education, in company personnel offices, in the mass media, one hears about the need to educate Japanese students to become critical thinkers, to become good communicators in both Japanese and English, to develop self-confidence and to develop a sense of initiative. Here at TUJ we provide an education that imbues all our students with those attributes. In our classrooms, students are challenged to think for themselves, to analyze problems from a wide perspective, to discuss and debate their opinions and ideas with other students, to make presentations to other students, and to continue their education outside the classroom. Diversity is an essential element to our liberal arts education.

Because all of TUJ's courses are taught in English, we can open our doors to students from all over the world. About 40% of our students come from over 40 countries outside Japan. TUJ offers a diversity of thought, culture, and educational experience that is vitally important to developing real cosmopolitanism and true critical thinking.

Although TUJ is an international institution, we also feel very strongly about our role as an institution of higher education in Japan. For example, university-corporate relations and university support for their local communities are of particular importance to contemporary Japanese society. We are proud and happy to be an active member of the local community through our participation in a wide variety of Minato Ward and Tokyo community activities. In addition, we have an active relationship with a large number and variety of Japanese and foreign companies through which we are a conduit for social and business innovation.

I hope you can tell by reading my message that I am highly energized by the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I am looking forward to advancing the further development of TUJ as a world-class institution of higher education with the support, guidance and cooperation of all our stakeholders. So, whether you are a prospective student, interested in an affiliation for your institution with TUJ, or simply a member of the community who would like to get to know your neighbor, I encourage you to come see us at TUJ and learn more about this exciting, practical innovator in international higher education.

With best regards,