Areas of Expertise

Irene Herrera brings expertise in both the theory and practice of filmmaking and photography to her courses, with a primary focus on documentaries, visual anthropology, and ethnography.

Teaching Interests

Irene Herrera teaches courses related to film theory, filmmaking, and the history of documentary films and other visual media. She encourages students to explore Tokyo using an anthropological angle and a wide array of visual and multimedia technologies.


Irene Herrera's current research, entitled "Viewing Another Culture Through the Lens: Nikkeijin in Brazil," is part of her Ph.D. coursework in photography. This study seeks to employ photography as a medium for ethnographic and anthropological research.

Representative Publications

  • Photographic essays and articles have appeared in: international film magazine Variety; Tokyo based English publication Metropolis; the handbook guide Living in Japan; daily newspaper Japan Times; Tokyo based monthly magazines Jazznin and Dune as well as other Venezuelan publications such as Produccion & Distribucion, El Universal and Platano Verde.
  • Recently directed the award-winning documentary film "Kodo wo Awaseba" (Gran Prix at the Friendship Film Festival in EXPO Aichi 2005).
  • Latest documentary photography project will be shown at the Nikon Salon in Shinjuku at the end of 2006.


M.A. in Filmmaking, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan

B.A. in Mass Communications and Art, Andres Bello Catholic University, Caracas, Venezuela

Professional Associations

  • Venezuelan Club of Journalists (since 1999)
  • Member of the Syndicate of Radio Workers in Venezuela
  • Member of the International Federation of Journalists (USA)