Placement Tests (For students admitted for Summer 2018)

Placement tests evaluate the English, mathematics, and Japanese skills of incoming students. Placement tests are mandatory* for all new undergraduate students regardless of transfer credits or previous courses taken in these subjects.

The results of the tests will be used in conjunction with the courseworks completed at your prior institution(s) for advisory purposes and to determine the courses appropriate for your level of acquisition. Please be sure to prepare well for these tests.

Students in the Bridge Program have a separate placement test that they need to take.

Note: In very limited cases, non-degree seeking students may be exempt from the placement tests. In such cases, you will receive explicit permission from the Academic Advising Center that you do not need to take these tests. Otherwise, you are required to take the placement tests.

Placement Test

How to Prepare for the Math and English Placement Tests

What You Should Bring to the Placement Tests

  • Picture ID (passport, residence card/alien registration card, driver's license)
  • Pencils and an eraser
  • Language dictionary (optional)
    Electronic dictionaries are prohibited.
  • TU ID number
    The TU ID number can be found in your acceptance letter.
  • Printed essay topic sheet
    Essay Topic Sheet (PDF: 197KB)
  • Calculators are not permitted

About the Japanese Placement Test

Students wishing to take Japanese language courses above the beginner level (Elements I) are required to take the Japanese placement test. You will be tested on all aspects of the Japanese language: writing, reading, listening and speaking. You will also need to provide detailed information on your prior experience with the language, including years spent studying Japanese, name(s) of institutions, textbooks, kanji knowledge, and proficiency certificates.

Procedures for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented disabilities who need academic accommodations for the placement tests (e.g. extended time, use of calculator, etc.) must contact the Academic Advising Center and submit written verification of your requested accommodation. Please submit the verification in a timely manner so we can make the necessary arrangements for your accommodation.

Test Results

Placement test results will be available when you meet with an academic advisor for course registration. The results of the Japanese proficiency test will be handed to you by the reviewer after you complete the test. Please provide your results to the academic advisor in the advising session.

Placement Test Details

See below for details of each placement test.

Placement Test for the Bridge Program

All students entering the Bridge Program for the first time are required to take the Bridge Placement Test. The test is approximately 2 hours, and will include a written essay and a reading comprehension component. The test may also include a speaking component. No notes are allowed in the test. As the contents of the test change each semester, students don't need to prepare for the test. All materials will be provided on the day of the test.

This test will determine whether students will be placed in Bridge 1, 2, or 3. A student's level is determined by a combination of their Placement Test score and their TOEFL or IELTS.