Japanese / Language Placement Test (approximately 40 - 45 minutes)

TUJ administers a Japanese language placement test for students who have studied Japanese previously and seek placement into Japanese courses above the introductory level (Japanese 1001). The purpose of the test is the assessment of a given student's Japanese ability, and this information is used by the Japanese Program to place the student into the most suitable course in the Temple Japanese language course sequence. Please note that there is no re-test for Japanese language placement test, and students planning on studying Japanese from Japanese 1001 are not required to take the placement test.

The Temple Japanese Placement Test consists of two parts: a written test and an oral interview. The written component evaluates essential language usage skills including grammar, vocabulary, writing, translation, kanji, and reading comprehension. The individual oral interview assesses oral and listening skills for communicating with a native speaker of Japanese.

All new students who want to register for Japanese 1002 Japanese Elements II or higher level must take the placement test in advance.

Students without the placement test results can register for Japanese 1001 Japanese Elements I only.

For Those Who Want to Study Chinese or Korean

Those students who have previously learned either Chinese or Korean must contact the critical languages program coordinator (Ryoko Osada, osada@tuj.temple.edu) in order to have the placement test coordinated. Students should do so as early as possible, so that the test results will be available before course registration.