English Placement Test (2 hours, 15 minutes)

All new students in the undergraduate program are required to take the English placement test. The English placement test consists of written essay and multiple-choice components. Note that there is no re-test available for the English placement test.

Written Essay Component

On the test day, the test proctor will choose two topics from the essay topic sheet (PDF: 76KB), and students will write an essay on one of them. Students should review sample essays, give some thought to each of the four potential topics provided, make notes on the essay topic sheet, and bring the sheet with them when they come to the test. Each topic quotes a writer's position on the given theme. Students are expected to summarize the author’s point of view and explain his/her own interpretation on what the author says. The reviewers will determine how well the student reads the article, summarizes the author’s argument, and presents his/her own interpretation in an organized essay containing relatively few grammatical errors.


  • Students are permitted to review the essay topic sheet and write short notes on the topic sheet in advance. Writing a paragraph or essay itself is strictly prohibited. The test proctor will confiscate the sheet if a paragraph or essay is written, and students will be given a new sheet.
  • If students do not bring the topic sheet on the test day, they will be provided with a new topic sheet with different topics.

Multiple Choice Component

The multiple-choice component tests skills related to sentence structure, conventions of written English, and reading comprehension.