Student Testimonial

Nate Guild - International Business Studies

Nate Guild

International Business Studies

Shortly after getting married in June of 2011, my wife and I decided to move to Tokyo so that I could have a chance to experience her culture firsthand with the intention of staying for about two years. I was attending community college before getting married and was planning to resume my studies when I returned to the States.

After moving to Tokyo I found a job teaching English at a conversation school. This seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to learn about Japan and grasp the mindset of people living in Tokyo. What I didn’t expect was that talking to these individuals would inspire me to study while in Japan. I started searching for schools that offered classes in English but could not find any Japanese universities that offered undergraduate programs with an English-speaking curriculum. That is until I did a Google Maps search for schools around my area. I was surprised when the TUJ campus popped up on my map about 25 minutes walking distance from my apartment, so the next day I walked over to the school to see what Temple had to offer.

I was accepted into the spring term of 2013. I chose the International Business Studies program because it offered the most challenging and fitting curriculum to what I wanted to achieve. Over the last three and a half years, I have had some of my most challenging as well as rewarding times thanks to the demanding course work and professors.

During my first year at TUJ, a few of my veteran friends and I decided to start the Veterans Club to promote networking with other veterans and also with companies in Tokyo.

I have learned a lot in my time at TUJ. I have also had some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life while attending this school. Meeting fellow veterans, making friends with students and professors from all over the world, and building a strong foundation in business has made my time at TUJ unforgettable. I have the skills and confidence to do what I want to do.

Gary McCaskill - GI Bill Student

Gary McCaskill

GI Bill Student

I grew up in Orlando, Florida with both parents in a middle class household. Fast forward to senior year of high school, knowing only that I wanted to travel the world, but not knowing how I was to do it, I joined the Marine Corps. Nine years seven months and four days, two wars and three countries later, my time in the Marine Corps had come to an end. Making the choice to leave the Marine Corps was almost as hard as joining. It gave me so much, however I knew it was time to go, because the next challenge awaited me.

Afterwards, I was living in Florida working three jobs to support myself and dealing with all the hardships of returning from service. I knew I needed a way out, so I went to consult with the VA hospital (as I believe all military members should). There, I was given some life-changing advice that I will share with you now: “Before this life is over, do everything you want to do. Make yourself happy.” So on that day I decided to move to Japan. It was a place I truly felt happy and I've always wanted to learn Japanese. The GI Bill I earned helped me pay for a language school in Osaka. Life was great in Osaka, however I wanted a masters degree and because the school I was attending was only a language school, it wouldn't be possible there. So through friends in Osaka I found out about Temple University, Japan Campus.

Long story short, because of Temple University I am able to do the things that are important to me. The small classes give me the opportunity to know my professors and build professional relationships with them. This has aided in my learning and is currently helping me prepare for graduate school. With pride I say I am the 2014-2015 Student Body President, applying to schools in Europe to continue my education and I'm the happiest I have ever been.

Jharrod Meade-Frazier - GI Bill Student

Jharrod Meade-Frazier

GI Bill Student

I was born in Keene, New Hampshire. At the age of 19 I joined the U.S. Army Reserves as an 88-Mike Motor Transport. I spent eight years with the 220th Transportation Company, and deployed twice to Iraq. My time in the military was a major turning point in my life, and through training and tours of duty, my interest in international politics was piqued, motivating me to excel in academia and pursue a future career outside of the Army. By the time I deployed a second time in 2010, I knew that I wanted to study International Relations abroad. I found out about Temple University, Japan Campus through the Internet and since I was already studying Japanese at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, it was a perfect fit.

I am now living in Tokyo as a full-time student at TUJ on the post-9/11 GI Bill while working part-time as an English teacher. The Post-9/11 GI Bill is an amazing benefit for former service members and their families, enabling veterans to achieve their educational goals with minimal cost to themselves. Since I came to TUJ in 2012, I have had the wonderful experience of working closely and networking with expert faculty in the International Affairs, Political Science, and Asian Studies departments, all of whom take an active interest in students' educational and career ambitions.

My time spent working with TUJ faculty has inspired me to pursue a graduate degree to further specialize in international politics. After graduating, I plan on applying to graduate schools in various countries. Eventually, I would like to settle into a career at an NGO or intergovernmental organization.