Summer 2007 Topical Courses

Am St 2120 (811) America and the Middle East: Politics and Culture

America's Cold War struggle with the Soviet Union, growing need for oil, and rising Arab nationalism, all fostered expanded U.S. envolvement in the Middle East, as have more recent events and policies - such as 9/11 and the current war in Iraq. Why have U.S.-Middle East relations been so fraught with conflict for so long? In this course, we will analyze the influence of ideologies, economics and politics on U.S. perceptions and conduct in the region. Students will be introduced to various interpretive frameworks developed by historians and scholars of culture, and examine a variety of primary sources. In addition, each student will become an expert in U.S. relations with one middle eastern nation.

As St 2000 (811) / GUS 3000 (811) Asian Urban Cities

To be announced.

As St 2096 (811) / FMA 3696 (811) The History of Japanese Pop Culture Films

To be announced.

As St 3000 (812) / Pol Sci 4320 (812) Russia and East Asia

To be announced.

As St 3000 (813) / Pol Sci 4320 (811) The USA and its Alliances with Britain and Japan, from the Cold War to the Iraq War

This is an experimental course in contemporary alliance politics. We shall place the US·highly important dealings with both London and Tokyo within their broad international context and then examine in detail the development of Anglo-American and US-Japan ties from the Truman Presidency to the final years of the George W. Bush era. We will look at political, military, diplomatic, economic and cultural activities on the assumption that the US and its key allies worked closely in a range of areas. In addition to the two alliances we shall also see top what extent Anglo Japanese ties may constitute a further political link that completes a strategic triangle. No background knowledge is assumed.

BTMM 3890 (811) TUJ Podcast

Students are selected on the basis of professional qualifications and assigned to roles at university Podcasting station.

BTMM 3890 (812) TUJ Film Festival

To be announced.

FMA 4250 (811) / NMIC 4040 (811) Neighborhood Narratives

This course will introduce students to the concept of locative media and attempts to equip young minds with the opportunity to survey their own psychological landscape while understanding the cultural and geographical landscape of others. A video camera, a mobile phone, a flash audio recorder and, most importantly, an open mind to what surrounds us are all tools for geo-psychological mining. We study urban Tokyo and Japanese culture, it's complexities and mysteries. Originally conceived by Hana Iverson, an artist and visual documentarian, the Tokyo class shares viewpoints and projects with the Philadelphia campus.

Psych 3620 (811) / As St 3542 (811) / Wom St 3542 (811) Women and Society in Japan

Analysis of the changing positions of women in Japanese society from ancient times to the present. Through lectures, discussions, and audiovisual material, we will explore the fascinating worlds of goddesses, female diviners, empresses, the classical female writers, women in warrior culture, women in industrializing Japan, and Japanese women's movements.