Fall 2005 Topical Courses

Am St 0100 (801) American English as Cultural Expression

An understanding of American and Japanese values and ways of thinking by investigating the ways language is used in these cultures to accomplish social purposes. Using various theories from the study of language, the course will study metaphoric language and thinking, the cultural assumptions involved in the use of key words, and the forms of politeness and patterns of language used in literature. The approach is analytical and comparative; assignments will emphasize students' application of concepts to a body of language data.

Pol Sci 0316 (801) / As St 0303 (801) The Politics of Southeast Asia

This course is designed to introduce students to the post WWII politics of seven Southeast Asian countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Specific questions the course addresses include: How have culture and political turmoil shaped the present politics and society? Is there "Asian-style Democracy"? What contributed to their economic success or failure? What lies ahead for Southeast Asia?

Pol Sci 0316 (802) / As St 0303 (802) The Politics and Political-Economies of Korea

Divided Korea remains heavily in the news - security issues with the North, economic and political dynamics in the South, and a "Korea Boom" in cultural relations. This course provides analytical tools by which to understand Korea over the past century, from its colonial era through the politics of North and South, with an emphasis as well on competing and evolving political economies on both sides of the peninsula. Guest lectures, audio-visuals, and seminar-style discussions will be an important part of the course.

Soc 0103 (801) / As St 0304 (801) Deviance and Society

An examination of how behavior or people become defined as deviant in society. It also explores who is likely to be so defined and how society reacts to people it defines as deviant. Behaviors such as mental illness, alcoholism, and sexual deviance will be used to illustrate the various processes.

Psych 0115 (801) / As St 0304 (802) East and West: A Social Psychological Comparison

This course is an introduction to the social psychological study of culture with a focus on the differences and similarities of eastern and western cultures. In this course we will explore the importance of culture on social behavior, take a look at how psychologists study cross-cultural differences, and then examine research on current issues including patterns of social behavior, communication, helping behavior, aggression, conformity, and intimacy, among others.

Cr La 0222 (801) Introduction to Consecutive Interpreting

This course focuses on improving the skills needed to provide English to Japanese and vice versa consecutive interpreting in various settings. It is designed to prepare bilingual individuals who have not previously served as interpreters, as well as those who have not received specific training. Students will learn consecutive interpreting techniques including memory retention, note-taking skills, terminology, and interpreter ethics.

Cr La 0222 (802) Japanese Communication and Culture I

This course focuses on Pragmatics (the use of language in the real world). The course attempts to raise students' awareness/consciousness about the fact that pragmatic rules of other languages are not always the same as those of their own, providing students with knowledge about how pragmatics rules operate in the Japanese speaking community and drawing their attention to mismatches and inconsistencies in behavior. The course deals with a variety of speech acts (e.g., greeting-parting, apologizing, requesting, refusing, accepting, complaining, negotiating, and complimenting), business discourse, paralinguistic features (e.g., gesture, facial expressions, distance, eye-contact), features of conversation (e.g., back channel cues, topic-change, turn-taking), Japanese culture including social distance and dominance, honorific expressions, pragmalinguistic failure and sociopragmatic failure.

FMA 0392 (801) NextFrame Production I

NextFrame Production I.