Quantitative Literacy (GQ)

Required Course:
1 course, 4 credits
All students are required to take the Math placement test before registering for GQ courses. See the "New Student Orientation" section for more information about the placement test.

GenEd Quantitative Literacy courses present mathematical thinking as a tool for solving everyday problems, and as a way of understanding how to represent aspects of a complex world. They are designed to prepare students as citizens to have the ability to think critically about quantitative statements, to recognize when they are misleading or false, and to appreciate how they relate to significant social or political issues. While computation may be part a QL course, the primary focus is not computational skills.

Quantitative Literacy courses are intended to teach students how to:

GQ requirement may be satisfied by successfully completing one of the following:

Any GQ General Education course.
Mathematics 1031, Math 1041, Math 1042, Math 1941, Math 1942 or Math 2043.
Statistics 2101 or 2103. Available to continuing BBA and THM students and Business Administration minor only.
An appropriate course from BSIBS required sequence.

Current Course Offerings