Arts (GA)

Required Course:
1 course, 3-4 credits

GenEd Arts courses build skills which enable students to gain insight into works of art, the creative process, and the role of the arts in social, cultural, or historical contexts. Such insight is fundamental to the development of artistic literacy, which in turn can be an invigorating element of life-long learning. Because our global, technological society provides ready access to a myriad of artistic practices and forms of expression - past, present, and emerging - no single Arts course can meet the needs and interests of all students. Courses may be centered on one of the arts (e.g. dance, fine arts, music), may be interdisciplinary in nature (e.g. creative writing and theater, film and dance), or may address larger themes (e.g. creativity, the arts and political statement, technology and the arts) - but all courses should in some way make connections to other perspectives, disciplines, or subject areas, making clear that art does not take place "in a vacuum."

GenEd courses in the Arts should:

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